"GCC KIDS Exists to help kids discover Jesus on their level."


What is GCC Kids?

GCC Kids is Golden Corner Church’s Kids Ministry. We think it’s important for kids to learn about God on their level. So on Sunday mornings during our services we provide age-appropriate lessons and activities for kids. Our goal each and every Sunday is to follow our 4 core values to be sure that GCC Kids is an effective ministry at GCC. These 4 core values are SAFE, FUN, CONNECT, and BIBLE!



We work hard to make sure that your kids are safe when they're in GCC KIDS. We want parents to feel good about leaving their kids in our care. That's why we perform background checks on all of our servers. From our training, to our policies, and how we do check-in and check-out, you can feel safe about having your child at GCC KIDS. 


We believe that if a kid has fun in church, then they will want to come back. Every Sunday, we include fun and exciting games to partner with the lessons that our servers teach. Fun is important to kids, therefore it is important to us!


We want to connect kids with godly leaders, connect them to each other, and connect them to Christ as they grow. We do this by building relationships every Sunday morning. Our servers work hard to help kids understand the bible and they strive to get to know kids more each Sunday.


We teach kids the Bible in a way that is simple, fun, and engaging. Kids learn differently at different ages, so we adjust our lessons and application activities to fit the ages in each room. We believe it is important to follow what we believe as a church, while teaching kids the Bible in a way that makes sense to them.