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Why should I consider Giving?

We believe that everybody gives generously from what God has given to them, genuinely believing it is better to give than to receive. Throughout the Bible, God's people are portrayed as givers. Giving is an act of worship, an expression of love, and a demonstration of faith. Giving is also a Christian responsibility. God’s people have always financed God’s work. According to the Bible, giving should be consistent, proportional, cheerful, and generous. We encourage you to pray sincerely about giving and give as God leads in all areas of your life, but specifically giving to the ministries of GCC as well

How do I Give?

Online giving securely enables you to support the ministries of Golden Corner Church by making a one-time contribution or by establishing a recurring contribution. If you would like to make a donation to GCC and it's ministries, click here. If you are interested in giving to our Make a Way Project either by a one-time gift or by setting up recurring contributions you can do that by clicking here.


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