Praise week

About Praise Week.

For over 20 years, Praise Week has been labeled as the best week of the year here at Golden Corner Church. From the Fry Daddys to the Lip Sync Battles, Praise Week brings out some hilarious entertainment. But the bigger pull is the relationships formed, and the lives that are changed. The feeling left from Praise Week is unlike any other. We wish it was a year-long event! 


What happens at Praise Week? 

One cool thing about Praise Week, is tradition. Even if you haven't been in years, some things just never change. And why would we want to change that? Every Praise Week is a competition between four teams (teenagers will sign-up for a team on arrival). This year, the theme is time warp! (The Stone Age vs. Medieval vs. 21st Century vs The Year 3000). Every student spends the entire week earning points for their team in several ways. Everyone has a chance to show what they got, whether it's a game, a skit, or eating a friend's toenail (yes, really). But the absolute best way to earn points for your team, is to bring a friend!

How do I join? 

Easy, just show up! All students from 6th Grade and up are invited! When you arrive, we will have either you, or a parent/guardian, sign a waver form, or your parent can do so by clicking here! Then you can sign-up for a team, and from there, it's on! Get ready to have the best week of your life!