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Our Mission.

We believe everybody is looking for something, and everything they are looking for can be found in Christ. Therefore, we help people find and follow Him. We do this by focusing on four essential practices that we believe everybody must do. We believe everybody: gets together, serves somehow, gives generously, and shares Jesus.


We hope that you will make GCC your home and partner with us as we seek to fulfill our mission. Partnering requires that you build these four essential practices into your life:​

Gets together

We believe that everybody gets together because together, we grow farther, accomplish more, and stay the course. Now "getting together" means more than simply attending our Sunday morning gatherings. At GCC we have several different ways that you can become connected and get together. 

Jesus came to the earth to serve, and we are commanded to follow his example. Therefore, we serve Christ by serving people – both in the church and outside the church. There are several ways you can serve at GCC. Every Sunday we have the opportunity to serve God by serving the people that walk through the doors of our building. There are opportunities in guest services, kids ministry, missions, and worship. When you’re connected to a group you will also have opportunities to serve your group and serve others with your group.

GIVEs generously

Throughout the Bible, God's people are portrayed as givers. Giving is an act of worship, an expression of love, and a demonstration of faith. Giving is also a Christian responsibility. God’s people have always financed God’s work. According to the Bible, giving should be consistent, proportional, cheerful, and generous. Everyone is expected to pray sincerely about giving and give as God leads.

Shares Jesus

To make a positive difference in someone else’s life we should set the right example, pray for them, and love them. In addition, we should eventually invite them to church. Attending church is often the first step that leads to the ultimate steps of finding and following Christ. All of our Sunday services are planned with you and your unchurched friends in mind. We are going to do everything in our power to insure that your guests have a good church experience. So, please don’t hesitate to invite your friends to church.

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