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Why Serve?

Hopefully, when you come to church, you and your family enjoy their experience. However; the truth is people get out of church what you put into it. It takes an incredible team of servers to make this happen. So, we would love for you to be a part of our team!


How Can You Serve?

There are several opportunities to serve at Golden Corner Church. We are constantly looking to fill positions with servers who are willing and dedicated to helping people find what they're looking for! If that's you, then check out the areas in which you can serve below!


Hospitality Team

Our goal in hospitality is to keep it simple, and serving in this capacity is even easier! We create a welcoming, user-friendly, and exciting environment for our guests. We want the first face people see to be a smiling one. We want to represent the love of Christ immediately by being kind and welcoming, and we strive to make sure that we are communicating church information clearly and effectively. Serving in this area is easy and extremely flexible!

GCC Kid's Ministry

Help children build and grow a relationship with Jesus at a young age by serving in our Kid's ministry. From funny skits to active songs, serving in this ministry is a blast! There are multiple ways that you can serve in Kid's ministry, including teaching, leading games, and taking care of babies in the nursery. We require that all servers pass a background check before they are allowed to serve. Interested? Click below. 

GCC Worship Team

Serving on the worship team is not only a calling, but a privilege to help lead others. The worship team works together as one unit to help glorify the name of Jesus. There are countless positions to serve on the worship team. From vocalists, to guitarists, to percussionists, each worship team member is just as important as the other. We are constantly looking for new and talented members to join us in praising our Heavenly Father! 

GCC Media Team

The media team is just as important as the worship team! What goes on behind the scenes is a lot of hard work and effort to make sure that the production of Sunday mornings goes smoothly and effectively. We want to make sure that all videos, announcements, lyrics, etc. are communicated tastefully and without fault. We are always searching for creative and dedicated servers to volunteer in this area. 

Refuge Student Ministry

Have a heart for students? Want to see teenagers begin and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus? Then serving on this team is for you! We want our students to not only have a relationship with Christ, but have relationships with adults that are willing to jump into their lives and truly be there for them. This also includes playing games and having a blast with them! 

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